March 21, 2023

Maximize Your Real Estate This Spring With Onsite Maintenance


As we transition into warmer days and shorter nights, spring is the perfect time to take inventory of the 'things to get done' around your property. Winter storms are behind you, and right before the rainy season and high temps come in, there are a few maintenance concerns that can be handled to keep your property in tip-top condition, preventing further problems and maintaining tenant satisfaction.

Let's take a look at three of the primary things to check off your list:

Conduct Preventative Maintenance on the HVAC System. The best time to check your HVAC functions is after the harsh winter weather has passed but before the extreme summer heats arrive. The time in between, Spring, allows for troubleshooting and diagnosing system issues. If there are repair burdens, early detections allow time for repair before uncomfortable temperatures inconvenience your resident.

Getting ahead of the hot temps, changing out the filters, or addressing any other repairs will also decrease the probability of the cooling system breaking down in the hottest months.

Check Fire Safety systems. Does your rental property have a sprinkler system? If not, it's probably required to have a fire extinguisher in the home or the near vicinity. Either way, spring is an ideal time to contact the applicable fire safety vendors to conduct adequate testing. Fire safety systems must be maintained and up to date, or it can present a compliance issue that can create an occupancy issue for the landlord.

Change Out the Landscaping. A new season often means fresh flowers. Different types of plants thrive in different seasons. Also, not to mention, depending on where you are located, the ups and downs of the temperature in the fall and winter months, as well as the extreme temps, are guaranteed to put wear and tear on the landscape. Consider fresh landscaping as fresh shampoo and style for your property. Sometimes you have to switch it up to bring it back to life, but you must always maintain it for maximum appearance. Not to mention, upping the curb appeal is one of the best forms of marketing if you are looking to fill a vacancy.

Benefits Of Having In-House Maintenance And Construction

The spring comes with added pick-me-ups, but general maintenance is essential year-round. While in some cases, some things like landscaping may be a matter of outsourcing, HVAC maintenance and preventative and general maintenance are items that can be handled by onsite maintenance.

Alternatively, if you have a property that does not have onsite property maintenance, here are a few things to consider if deciding to switch.

Faster Response Times. The most reported qualm with tenants is maintenance concerns and the inability to rectify issues promptly; that alone tells us one significant thing. Of the number of factors that can directly affect resident satisfaction, the number one concern belongs to something 100% manageable, as long as the individual or entity managing it values the tenants and the property. 

The ability to reach out for onsite maintenance responses can decrease response time and increase resident satisfaction significantly.

Cost Savings. Faster response times go hand in hand with savings. Onsite maintenance can respond quicker, potentially preventing a minor issue from growing into a larger, more advanced concern which could lead to the need to outsource, incurring more costs.

Better Communication. Consistent maintenance representation positively impacts tenant relations because it establishes familiarity and builds trust. Also, having an onsite team knowledgeable of the property translates better through communicating correctly and maintaining and caring for the property.

New Season, New Opportunities

Spring is not only an ideal season to brush up on curb appeal and preventative maintenance but also a perfect time to kick off new construction developments. It's common for investors to set the spring as the groundbreaking time for projects with a scheduled completion date around the end of the year. The weather is typically much milder, and the availability of materials is much more favorable, which is a positive factor for budget maintenance and keeping timelines.

National Real Estate Management Group values maximizing potential, productivity, and profits. We are committed to helping investors enhance their assets by increasing visibility, building better tenant rapport through state-of-the-art property management, and reliable and proficient maintenance care.

Are you looking to implement a strategy to elevate your existing properties, or maybe you want to add a new construction development to your portfolio?

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