May 12, 2023

Creating a Successful Real Estate Team: How to Build a Cohesive and Productive Group


The key to success in real estate is plugging into a successful strategy. For incoming agents or seasoned vets, the strategy is the same. As a new agent, it is crucial, because you are laying a foundation to build your business on. As a seasoned agent, it's important, because success is rooted in organization. If your strategy lacks organization, then your goals will go unaccomplished. As well, plugging into a successful strategy is the root of the real reason top producers are successful. Simply put - productivity.

While knowing the key is simple, actually executing the strategy can be a little more challenging than one would think.

How Important Is Communication Within A Real Estate Team?

Communication’s level of importance is right up there next to the air you breathe. Extreme? Maybe. True? Absolutely. How many office conflicts have there been in the name of miscommunication? Probably more than the average person can count. Imagine being a part of a team that may not see each other daily, conducts the bulk of communication through messaging apps, and are all individually managing a business. It can become a bit chaotic, which is why communication is very important. If you are new to the industry, communication will help showcase what you do and do not understand. This is very important because it helps expose your concerns and weaknesses in your business building to help your team and yourself, reinforce it to make you better. 

On a larger scale, being a part of a brokerage that communicates is the difference between understanding the available support system and resources vs. feeling alone and isolated.

How To Establish Clear Goals And Roles For Each Member Of Your Real Estate Team?

Individually you are a business, and the success of your business is very important. However, being a real estate agent means you are a part of a larger group and your individualism plays a part in a larger picture.

It's not uncommon to have a seller’s focused group within the team. It typically includes individuals who have showcased a desire to work more closely with sellers, and your brokerage has recognized it. While this does not mean that individually you can't work with sellers in your business, it simply means that seller leads who reach out to the brokerage directly may be handled by the designated team. Within that team, some individuals may specialize in marketing, staging, etc.

That’s just an example. The larger message is a brokerage that offers personalized support focused on rearing leaders who can recognize the goals of other team members and involve them in tasks designed to pull out their strengths to help achieve their business goals. 

What Are The Key Factors For Creating A Cohesive And Productive Real Estate Team?

While there may be multiple moving parts. In short, creating a cohesive team can be summed up in three factors:

Communication: Listening and pouring into team members is key. Individual agents learn differently, have different goals, and process instruction in different ways. With that, agents need to understand that their brokerage is a safe space to learn. Safe spaces are created through open and honest communication.

Support: New agents particularly, may be walking into a completely new world with tons of questions. Having a support system that can share knowledge through multiple learning channels including messaging, in person, or even by example is important.

Resources: There is so much to learn and oftentimes not enough hours in the day to be available to each person, so having available resources for extended learning such as training, classes, and internship will help fill in the gaps, and increase productivity.

All of the above working together creates a cohesive environment to foster individual and collective success.

How To Foster Teamwork And Collaboration In Your Real Estate Group?

The biggest way to foster teamwork and collaboration is to promote inclusivity. Joining a new brokerage can be intimidating. Understanding that you are a part of a team that has no problem with meeting you where you are and bringing you into the fold, is exactly what many agents desire. Someone that feels included will likely feel more inclined to continue showing up with the team.

What Role Does Leadership Play In Building A Successful Real Estate Team?

Leadership plays the ultimate role in creating a successful team. Leadership is critical in establishing a few foundational principles including:

Vision and Goals: Nearly everything you read online encourages goal setting and vision planning. But, divulging the how-to is less common. Leadership within the team personifies the process along with showcasing the trial and error in learning how to identify personal goals.

Guidance and Development: The real estate industry can be quite complex and difficult to navigate. Leadership helps establish a clearer path for team members and illustrates what is possible and how to maneuver to make the impossible accomplishable.

Promotes Team Building: Leadership corroborates a positive team culture which in turn promotes a healthy environment and enables building a team.

Strong leadership fosters a strong environment that promotes productivity.

How Can NREMG Help Agents Foster Success?

Understanding the complexities of the real estate market is essential to a successful real estate career. It is also important when building a team of successful real estate professionals. National Real Estate Management Group understands the importance of building a strong team. We offer unlimited mentorship that caters to different learning styles. We empower our agent’s earning ability, encouraging and promoting multiple streams of income through our in-house affiliate programs. NREMG fosters a culture designed to build leaders.

If you are looking to partner with a powerhouse and bring out the absolute best in your career, schedule a mentor call with us today!